Russian presumed dead after a hangover, he wakes up in the morgue

A doctor in Vladivostok, after visiting the victim, he had found the death, making transport the body to the morgue

As for  death, complete with a certificate and resurrected in the morgue, threatening to go to the creator of hypothermia. Theater of this story is nothing short of surreal  Vladivostok  in  Russia , where a man who was celebrating with friends in a room in the New Year, shots of  vodka , he had an illness. The doctor, after visiting the victim, he found death and did transport the corpse to the morgue.
Shortly after, however, after an hour spent in the morgue, the  new Lazarus  suddenly recovers.Indeed, resurrected, given that the death certificate had already been filled. Then he gets up and starts beating her fists against the door of the cold room.
Fortunately someone hears noises coming from
Morgue ' and alert physicians, however, do not believe the testimony.But eventually someone called the police. "Upon their arrival - said the head of the criminal section of the police Vladivostok  to the site  - the agents opened the morgue door and in the hall appeared the man, cold and somewhat in  shock ." The cops then they warmed up, interrogated, and finally shipped to their home. 
And how better to celebrate the miracle, if not back to the bar to tell your friends about the misadventure ?. All together, shot after shot, after a moment of confusion in front of the  ghost , it's back to normal.