5 feb 2018

Beware of "FAKE APP" 🚫

After reading this article, many of you
They think more than once, if it is' appropriate to share a photo of "your face" in "public" mode on any social network.

Whilst it may be that even among the various sometimes unknown friends that we can 'be hiding a "funny guy" or a "prankster".

"Fake app", infamy runs on the web!

A specter is haunting the web. It's called "fake app" and is
an application that allows you to paste videos on the face of famous actors and actresses.Example: Princess Leia in "Star Wars."
The application was launched on reddit, social network where registered users can post content in the form of text post or link. A less controlled networks, such as Facebook.It was also used for political satire videos, such as the militant conservative Michele Bachmann, on which Hillary Clinton's face was mounted. The result came when began to circulate "fake porn" like the one starring the poor Emma Watson well known especially for his role in "Harry Potter", whose face, unbeknownst to him, was put on the body of a pornstar , with the results you can imagine.

"Despite the high commitment from the Google team to fight the publication in the Play Store app or potentially harmful, it has been unearthed in the store  another fake copy of WhatsApp  has surpassed one million downloads ."

watch the video👇

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